Violence can appear where least expected: Interactive music video 

client: UNICEF

When artist Nils Frahm decided to donate his song Hammers to UNICEF for an awareness campaign regarding violence against children, our task was to create a music video for it.

So we created the first interactive Youtube music video. 

Idea: Most people don't consider themselves violent. We wanted to create awareness regarding this fact by offering users an unexpected reveal: violence can appear even inside themselves.

The video was created as a game in which the user was given the mission to find an abused child inside a house. As he walked around the house, he had to make some decisions by clicking the Youtube cards displayed on the screen. When clicking a card, the video continued in a specific way. By making some decisions, the user ended up finding the kid, only to find out that the kid was hiding from him. The message that "violence can appear in the most unexpected places, even inside yourself" was displayed, and the user was prompted to make another decision and save the kid.

Campaign created at Lowe and Partners together with art director Dan Costea. Youtube cards / annotations are not available anymore on the video.

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