GAME ON: Branding & Website 

client: Rubrick Architecture & Engineering

Naming, logo, brand positioning, visual identity and brand story developed for architecture & engineering studio Rubrick.

Idea: Rubrick is inspired by a tiny invention that took over the world: the Rubik cube, initially created to solve the structural problem of moving the parts independently without the entire mechanism falling apart, eventually becoming one of the world’s most challenging, popular and beloved puzzle games. What does Rubrick's team share with the little cube that teased the minds of millions?

Their excitement for solving challenges. Their ability to make it feel like it’s all a game. This is what determined their differentiator positioning: GAME MENTALITYGAME MENTALITY means being competitive, yet cultivating fair-play and good vibes. Being focused towards the result, yet enjoying the process as well.

Campaign created at ROMB Studio.  


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