Life, actually: Pitch proposal for communication platform 

client: Telekom

After bringing the GRAND EFFIE to Leo Burnett and Telekom with the TADAAAM SHOW communication platform that I coordinated and co-created in the role of a Group Creative Director, the agency was invited to pitch for the entire business of Telekom Romania.

Idea: A fun and entertaining communication platform gravitating around a reality show that displayed life as it is, imperfect and unexpected, but wonderful in every way. The stars of the show: the apparently perfect family of singer Adrian Sana and Anca Serea and their 5 (!!!) kids of different ages. The Telekom products were there as supporting characters, helping the family get by day by day.

Even if the campaign never saw the limelight, the proposal contributed to the successul result of the pitch.

Campaign created at Leo Burnett.  

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