Unexpected violence / UNICEF

Violence can appear where you least expect it. Even inside yourself.

The brief: To create a music video for UNICEF and Nills Frahm’s piano song for Youtube, that talks about child violence. 

The challenge: Futile to talk about child abuse, as parents most of the times never admit of abusing their child (some call their actions “education”, not violence).

The idea: To create an interactive music video in which people are asked to save an abused child, only to discover in the end that… it was they the abusers.

The idea won in a pitch of 12 agencies.

A social campaign for UNICEF aiming to generate awareness on the issue of child violence and abuse developed with colleague art director Dan Costea. 

The video was so successful, that it turned into a 360 campaign. Discover the case study, the Youtube Preroll teaser or the Radio ad below.

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