Shadows. Backing or backstabbing.

Launching a Romanian film series through a 360 communication campaign.

The film is the story of hero Relu, a taxi driver that struggles between his daytime job and loving husband and father role and his nighttime mission of mobster and criminal. 

Negative character, negative space.

Using negative space to highlight the double personality of the character, illustrating two scenarios from the same perspective: the safe side and the dangerous one.


Double meaning: one for each personality.

The film tagline proposed: 

Umbre. Te urmează sau te urmăresc? (Shadows. Do they have your back or do they try to stab it?)

or the alternative: 

Un taxi fără pasager nu este un taxi liber. (A taxi without a passanger is not a free taxi.)



Logo and Tagline proposals for the film

Multiple means to promote the film:

DM, giveaways, special print and OOH. 

360 campaign pitch proposal developed together with colleague art director Dan Costea

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