Tic Tac Contextual

Tic Tac contextual jokes

Tic Tac was one of the most playful brands I ever worked on. And even if most of its communication campaign were created globally, the challenge was to find the most relevant and funny adaptation for the local market. 

The adaptations for Tic Tac didn’t have to meet the original message or meaning, but to fit contextually.

And as context was the most important criteria for approval, we went contextual with Tic Tac wherever we could: contextual OOH (“being in control” joke near Control club, “no rock” in Cluj, where “no” is used before every word, parking space jokes for the Bucharest city center, seatbelt warning for DN1, movie parodies for cinema sampling etc.)

Most of the executions were developed together with colleague art director Alina Nechita.

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