Rubrik had some brothers that never made it to the light.

And these are the alternative concept, naming and branding proposals for the Architecture Studio of Irina and Alexandru Popescu (besides Rubrik, the winner). 

Mura is my favourite proposal. It has a double meaning: in Italian language, it means “walls”. In Romanian language, its name defines the juicy blackberry. Its concept combines, though, the roughness of concrete with the delicate texture of nature, unifying man with his environment.


Perifeeric, or the art of casting light over dark angles and marginal spaces. 

Perifeeric talks about the architect’s challenge to turn ugly spaces into fairylike kingdomes, transforming neglected outskirts into alluring center-pieces.

“Ca nuca in perete” (“like the walnut in the wall”) – something that doesn’t fit or feels uncomfortable. 

The Wallnut is not a problem. It is the solution. It’s the brain of the wall 🙂

Alex and Irina’s wish to be perceived as problem solvers for even the most uncomfortable issues is rapidly tackled by the Walnut – where others fail to see the solution, they do. 

Wonderwall is (besides Alex & Irina’s favourite song), the matter of the space. 

A wall is concrete and tough. On the outside, it faces severe conditions. But on the inside, in delimitates a home. It’s the edge of life and love, of belonging. It creates a space for wonder.

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