Hospice Optimism Academy

A charity campaign created for Hospice House of Hope to raise donations for the Adunații Copăceni socio-medical center, an institution that provides palliative and para-medical care to children suffering from life-limiting conditions. 

The idea was to change the tragic tone usually used when talking about such problems into an optimistic one.

Our inspiration were the actual children taken care of at Hospice. Despite the hard conditions they are facing, these children are an endless source of serenity, innocence, and hope, a lesson for all of us who sometimes forget to smile and be grateful.

Instead of simply donating an amount for the cause, you use that money as tuition to enroll in the Optimistic Academy, where tutors are the actual children. 

Each donation provides access to one or more Lessons of Optimism, videos starring our children and various celebrities that show us how even in the most difficult conditions one can still find a reason to smile, laugh and have fun. 

At the end of the programme, the donor is rewarded with an Optimism degree and other benefits, depending on the amount donated: Optimism T-shirts, wallpapers and so on.

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