or how the internet took over TV

Only one word: RANDOM

When we had the brief to promote the 1GB traffic data bonus each weekend for the Telekom Prepaid card, under the TADAAAM platform, with almost no budget at all, we took all the Internet and made a TVC out of it.

The campaign consisted in 6 TV executions, one for each working day of the week and one for the (GIGA)weekend. 

The ads were so annoying yet so memorable, that phrases from the TVCs entered pop culture (an entire class of students sent us a video with them yelling to the teacher: “Hey teacher, you know what’s happening this weekend?” // “No, what’s happening this weekend?” // “It’s GIGAWEKEEEEEEEND!!!!”).

Also, the GIGAWEEKEND concept was so successful, that the client decided to name all his future offers “GIGA”something: GIGAWEEK, GIGAWINTER etc. 

You probably hate the voice over, right? 

That’s because we didn’t use a regular voice over actor – but we used Mikey H and his particular, loud voice in order to complete the executions in the key of “random” and “meme”.

campaign developed with colleagues art directors Alexandra Stan and Raluca Circo

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